Rasiah Lines for Petroleum Services & Cont. Est. also entered into alliance with major companies being their local agent to provide their services in Saudi Arabia Market, These Companies are:

Name: Nogix Co. Limited
Country: South Korea URL:
Description: Preferred manufacturer of industrial Valves and related services

Name: MCM Oil Tools
Country: United States of America URL
Description: "MOM Oil Tools products are manufactured and engineered to exact specifications. Our products meet or exceed the OEM's material certifications are kept on all products and available upon request. "All MCM Oil Tool's replacement parts are completely interchangeable with OEM components"

Name: Narendra Steels group of Companies
Country: India URL:
Description: Description:which is a preferred manufacturer of all kinds of industrial Nickel Alloys, Stainless Steel Alloys, on-Ferrous Metal Alloys, Pipe and Pipe Fittings around the world

Name: Rajshree Overseas jay Banas Group of Companies
Country: South Korea URL:
Description: Preferred manufacturer of Industrial Pipe and provides related services to business and industries around the world

Name: Ally International Industries
Country: India URL:
Description: is a preferred manufacturer of industrial stainless steel products and related services

Name:Kenta Tools Technologies
Country:Singapore URL:
Description:Kenta is proud to present range of precision measuring instruments and wide range of industrial products for metal cutting, clamping, measuring, testing, handling and adjusting the professional user will find everything he needs for economical, future-proof manufacturing and related applications.

Name: Mid West Oil & Gas Inc
Country: Canada URL:
Description: Midwest Oil & Gas is a firm that advertises and sell/lease/finance Drilling Rigs worldwide.

Name: India Flex Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Country: India URL:
Description: An ISO 9001:2000 company certifies by UKAS (SGS) engaged in manufacturing stainless steel corrugated hoses and hose assemblies.

Name: Shandong Qingneng Power Co.
Country: CHINA URL:
Description: QN Power provides products with good quality such as steam turbine power equipment assembly, gas engine unit, oil drilling equipment system asemblyand provides turn-key projects with high quality services.

Name: Ice Sonic
Country: South Africa URL:
Description: Dry Ice Blasting is a relatively new cleaning process using solid CO2 pellets (known as dry ice). It is primarily used for industrial use in a variety of applications. The pellets sublimate (convert directly from a solid blast pellet to a vapor (CO2) leaving no residue).

Name: In Tecpesa
Country: URL:
Description: we perform operations and manufacture specialist products for hydrocarbons, and other fluid. Transportation and distribution networks. Also weork for petrochemical plants, power plants and waste water treatment plant.
  Tecpesa Products & Services :
   a. Fittings for Hot-Tap and Line Stop Operations
   b. Machines for Hot-Tapping and Line Stopping
   c. Spare Parts for Hot-Tap and Line Stop Equipment
   d. Hot-Tap and Line Stop Services
   e. PIG Launchers and Receivers
   f. Gas Filters and Pressure Vessels

Name: ATB Motors
Country: URL:
Description: is a leading European manufacturer of Electrical Motors and drive systems in partnership with respected partners; the company helps to create innovative products around the world.

Name: Alfa Valvole
Country: URL:
Description: is one of the most important ball valve manufacturers in Italy. Valves produced in carbon steel, stainless steel and special alloys, are utilized in various industrial fields for fluid control, in both gas and liquid form, in all sectors of pant engineering, cosmetics, detergents, food industry, electric energy, pharmaceuticals, gas and GPL, chemical plants, petrochemical plants, oil heating/air conditioning and in all markets worldwide as also on ships, ferries and marine oil platforms.

Name: MAN Industries Ltd.
Country: URL:
Description: It is a leading manufacturer and exporter of large diameter Carbon Steel Line Pipes for various high pressure transmission applications for Gas, Crude Oil, Petrochemical Products and Potable Water. The company has state-of-the art manufacturing facilities for LSAW & HSAW Line Pipes and also for various types of Anti-corrosion Coating Systems.

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